Moody takes Harry back to his office to interrogate him about a graveyard, despite Harry not mentioning a graveyard. Harry then tries to explain to the students that the graveyard contains nothing and takes his seat in the middle of the room, and after they get off his chair, he walks past Harry in a different direction. There’s a big picture of Hermione in the room, standing at the front, watching a scene of Harry being murdered. When she leaves the room, Harry is heard screaming, “You know what happened.” He is heard yelling as the students arrive to school. Harry and Hermione are in a different room, but the two are in different situations, and they don’t appear to have any connection to each other. It’s all set, but they both have a similar story. It’s hard to see how Harry got into this whole thing, except it’s not obvious what got Harry into this whole thing. It’s not clear what Harry’s got to do. So, he goes to the graveyard, and Hermione, who is not quite sure what he’s doing, just says, “Don’t get me wrong,” and pauses for a moment, only to resume, “because I am always right.”