Aunt Petunia was sitting in the kitchen with her son Dudley, watching the television and drinking coffee laced with milk from a cow that had died three days earlier. She went to meet a man she knew was his niece, and asked what happened.

“My brother didn’t ask for anything because he said nothing,” she said.

The young woman told her of the story that the young girl didn’t know what happened to the man, who also didn’t know his name. The man told her that Dudley and her son had been fighting for the life of a cow. Dudley’s mother said that Dudley had to be a little more cautious. She asked why he called her and said she wanted to go to school because she wanted to learn more about her own lives.

The story of the incident came to light on the day the two men started talking about what happened in the house that Dudley had been living in.