I’m Happy Rotter and since my friend, Wrong Easily wasn’t available for a quick interview, I present my viewers, a brief info on Indoor Rachmaninoff. Here we go:

Indoor Rachmaninoff was a man of cells, tissues, nerves, bones, muscles and the most important of all, blood. In his early years on Earth, he had been very interested in blood culture. During his travels, he wrote in a book entitled: “When I was living in a Lab

He was a fine man with a fine beard and fine hairs. His facial hairs were also well known as “the beard of the dead.” He had been doing the experiments, working in the lab, and on several occasions, was found to have been a bit too nice. His eyes were bright, but he wasn’t very well colored in the eye. His skin was also not very well colored. In the middle of night, he slept at the back of his chair with a little slush and some very coarse hair. The following year, in 1856, he met Dr. Gershon and discovered that the skin of his legs had been covered with a thick and wrinkly layer, a phenomenon he termed I-N-F-O. This was one of the first things that had happened to him over many years. The last thing he wanted, was to know about all the various illnesses he had experienced over the years. So, he set up a website, http://www.youarenotmyfather.com, at a time when the web didn’t even exist. When Dr. Gershon started working in his lab, he began using his research to try and find new cures for his condition.

A few months later, an incident occurred which nearly costed his life and in fact, it did. He suffered from a broken nose. Not being able to find a cure, he died of a head injury, a broken jaw, and a broken eye. He was found in his bed, and “the beard of the dead” was seen covered in black paint, 1024’ 1024” away from his body. He was left with a very fine facial condition and a broken jaw. That day marked the disappearance of Dr. Gershon and his wife and his daughter as well.