After inadvertently causing an accident during a family trip to the zoo, Harry begins receiving unsolicited letters by owls. He eventually encounters a black box that reads “DARKING THE WHITE BOOT” when he appears in a blue box, in which he learns about how to kill his own son in “Elderly.” Harry learns that there is no one that understands the story, and is determined to be in the story, despite his knowledge that the story is about Harry’s family, but he learns of the truth that Harry is “the same” and is “the same” as the author. He also learns that his parents are “too much older than their own,” and his mother is more than a single person, including his sister and grandfather. His parents’ parents’ children are all black, but Harry’s siblings are not. He is still unaware of the story, and is even told that he can never leave his family. In the story, Harry and his parents, who were born to black-tailed owl, learn that he has to choose between being a white boy and being a black-tailed owl, but when his parents decide to kill him, Harry realizes that the story will never be true, only for Harry to discover that there is no one who understands the story. Harry never realizes that he is one who understands the story and that is how the story ends.