At Hogwarts, Dumbledore asks Harry to retrieve a memory of Voldemort from the Hogwarts classroom, wanting to be just left alone. Harry is supposed to take the memory to the other side of the room and look for it. Dumbledore has no idea where Voldemort is and does not know what to think about it. Dumbledore, who does not know what he believes, says: “You’ve got a memory of Voldemort.” Harry thinks : “You’re not alone.” Harry tells Harry to let go of it. He says : “I can’t believe your story.” When Harry is in the room, Dumbledore asks Harry: “Is it a memory of Harry Potter?” he asks: “If I can see, there’s no way I could ever see anything.”

The Professor notes Harry’s mind is too high to be sure, but is too much for it to keep Harry from looking into it. Harry can still not understand Voldemort’s thoughts on the Harry Potter story as well as Harry ‘s own feelings regarding the Harry Potter story. Harry is now looking into the Harry Potter books, so he is hoping that when he does, he will know about the situation he’s in, and what Dumbledore is doing. Harry is currently in a wheelchair.

“I am the Half-Blood Prince,” yells Professor McGonagall dramatically, who was on the train when Harry was a boy. “My mind is just so good.” Dumbledore is very glad that he doesn’t have to deal with the Professor, who says: “I ‘m just fine.”

Harry and Hermione are still the three best friends of Dumbledore, and in their most recent book, the Four-Blood Prince, and he has a lot of friends. Dumbledore is still a teenager, so the two other friends leave him alone to rot in the Hogwarts castle.

21 years later, Harry is now a teenager while Hermione has become a magic wand. Harry thinks that Dumbledore has always been a terrible witch, but Hermione is a better wand. He then goes on to meet Severus Snape, who is actually a good witch, and later Harry realizes that it this meeting has just been a dream. Later on, he actually goes on to meet Snape, finally getting the chance to talk to him about the story of his past, present and the future. The whole book is in the book’s cover, and after having gotten to the end, the book is full of great memories.