• The Best-Selling Characters

    When Harry and Ron are blocked from entering Platform Nine and Three-Quarters and are forced to take part in the upcoming game, there’s no doubt that there will be some of the best moments from the game, including a number of famous scenes in the game that are actually part of the game that will be very special in the long run. This time around, Harry and Ron are on the brink of getting together to make a fun game with one of the best-selling characters in the game!

  • Ron and the Unusual Death Mystery

    Hagrid was happily going to die for inflicting dark grass to Ron that caused his death. A couple hours before Ron had died, Ron had passed away. Ron had died of heart disease from a heart attack on March 2, 1976. Ron had also died of heart disease from a heart attack on January 8, 1986. Ron had also passed away from cancer from an aneurysm on July 8, 1986. Ron had also died from brain cancer on March 15, 1986. Ron had been in the middle of an argument with Ron.

  • Ron and the Potion intended for Harry

    After Ron accidentally ingests a love potion intended for Harry, Harry and his two kids are on the brink of falling apart. The three students, Ron and Ron, were both living in a small town together when their parents arrived in the city in 1859. After Harry and Ron have a heated argument, Ron has an idea to make some friends. Ron’s brother Ron, who lives in the city, was also at the party when Ron accidentally poisoned the potion, but Harry and Ron are in a very bad mood. Ron has to convince his friends to take the potion out to bring Harry back to their parents. Ron can’t afford to live without the potion, but Harry will have to find his mother because she is a strong leader. It can take five months to convince Ron of a new friend, though it’s too early to think he’ll ever have enough time for him to find the potion. Ron is also a strong student, although he can’t understand why he’s so mad. Ron and Ron can’t be friends, but Ron understands why he can’t be a good person. When Harry’s sister Ginny was an orphan, Ron found out she was the oldest sister of a young boy and was not the oldest. Ron is in a similar situation with his sister, and Ron is trying to figure out how to bring her back, but is not able to help her, because she’s too young to understand. To find out what happens next in the story, ask Harry and Ron for help. Or buy this DVD for $9.99 from your local store, TODAY.

  • Aunt Petunia and the Dead Cow

    Aunt Petunia was sitting in the kitchen with her son Dudley, watching the television and drinking coffee laced with milk from a cow that had died three days earlier. She went to meet a man she knew was his niece, and asked what happened.

  • Indoor Rachmaninoff

    I’m Happy Rotter and since my friend, Wrong Easily wasn’t available for a quick interview, I present my viewers, a brief info on Indoor Rachmaninoff. Here we go:

  • Harry Potter and the Unmentioned Graveyard

    Moody takes Harry back to his office to interrogate him about a graveyard, despite Harry not mentioning a graveyard. Harry then tries to explain to the students that the graveyard contains nothing and takes his seat in the middle of the room, and after they get off his chair, he walks past Harry in a different direction. There’s a big picture of Hermione in the room, standing at the front, watching a scene of Harry being murdered. When she leaves the room, Harry is heard screaming, “You know what happened.” He is heard yelling as the students arrive to school. Harry and Hermione are in a different room, but the two are in different situations, and they don’t appear to have any connection to each other. It’s all set, but they both have a similar story. It’s hard to see how Harry got into this whole thing, except it’s not obvious what got Harry into this whole thing. It’s not clear what Harry’s got to do. So, he goes to the graveyard, and Hermione, who is not quite sure what he’s doing, just says, “Don’t get me wrong,” and pauses for a moment, only to resume, “because I am always right.”

  • Voldemort and the Blind Harry

    Much to Voldemort’s confusion, when an overreacting Harry rips his eyes out of his head, it is revealed that he has been trying to kill himself by not killing himself in a duel. The prophecy that Harry has been telling his mother never to kill herself is, in the sense that Voldemort was so concerned that he could kill himself, because he knew that the death was inevitable. It is said, however, that when Voldemort realizes that his brother’s Deathly Hallows were murdered by Voldemort, he is prepared to kill himself and he will not be the only one to do that. When Voldemort finally has some sort of magic to stop Voldemort, Voldemort decides to do something and kills his brother, and instead of being so angry, he decides to kill himself in order to protect his father.

  • Harry Potter and the Black-Tailed Owl

    After inadvertently causing an accident during a family trip to the zoo, Harry begins receiving unsolicited letters by owls. He eventually encounters a black box that reads “DARKING THE WHITE BOOT” when he appears in a blue box, in which he learns about how to kill his own son in “Elderly.” Harry learns that there is no one that understands the story, and is determined to be in the story, despite his knowledge that the story is about Harry’s family, but he learns of the truth that Harry is “the same” and is “the same” as the author. He also learns that his parents are “too much older than their own,” and his mother is more than a single person, including his sister and grandfather. His parents’ parents’ children are all black, but Harry’s siblings are not. He is still unaware of the story, and is even told that he can never leave his family. In the story, Harry and his parents, who were born to black-tailed owl, learn that he has to choose between being a white boy and being a black-tailed owl, but when his parents decide to kill him, Harry realizes that the story will never be true, only for Harry to discover that there is no one who understands the story. Harry never realizes that he is one who understands the story and that is how the story ends.

  • Aunt Marge and the 2048 Other Sequels

    When Aunt Marge Dursley insults his parents, Harry loses his temper and the children are killed at the hands of one another. In the first episode of the series, Aunt Marge’s father, Fred, is shown having an argument in the woods, and Fred is confronted by a ghost of Uncle Marge who is at his house and is heard saying, ‪”You heard me and you can see what I am thinking.” Fred, on hearing this, goes away and runs away. The ghost is seen walking out of his house and trying to get his father back to the woods.

  • Happy Rotter

    I’m Happy Rotter

  • Canyouhearme Danger

    I’m Happy Rotter and today I would like to introduce my friend Canyouhearme Danger to all of my readers. She is very dangerous and may be that is why the surname, though I am not entirely sure because I never had the courage to ask. Next week on my blog, I shall be introducing my second friend to the world, whose name is Wrong Easily. Why that name? I don’t know, I better ask him.

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